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Here are some free 2D and 3D graphic programs

3D Modelers
Sculptris free clay modeler
Anim8or free 3D modeler
Wings3D free 3D modeler
Blender free full 3D solution
Amabilis free full 3D solution
K-3D free 3D modeler and animation software
Art of Illusion free 3D modeler and rendering Studio
BRL-CAD free 3D modeler and renderer
Models, posing and creation
DAZ Studio free character posing and animation
Renderosity, Gallery and free stuff
Landscape creation
E-On Vue d'Esprit Free and PLE edition
DAZ's Bryce PLE edition
Kurtz-Femhout Plant Studio
Ivy Generator
Games creation
Unity Game Creator
2D Graphics
Gimp free photoshop like
Pixia Graphic Software
Inkscape Open source Vector Graphic

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